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Basic Club Mapping/VJ

1 Night/ 1 VJ artist

Full Night 6+ hours

No installation required from us

€400 (plus tax)

Plus travel costs if need be

Festival Visual / 3D mapping

Can include everything from Advance + and also more staff. Construction expert and 3 VJs. Multi-day and night festival settings. (Due to special circumstances that festivals require, contact for a quote). It is not easy to calculate for so many factors prior to a unique festival situation and from our experience they are all different.

Advanced Mapping/VJ

Basic Package plus:

Installation of projectors

Projector Rental (1-2)

Custom Content for event 

(unique content that won't ever 

be recycled)

€1000 (plus tax)

Plus travel costs if need be

Concert Visuals 1 Show

Includes 1 video technician and 1 VJ. Specially made content for the band(s). Perfectly synchronized visuals that fit the music, plus live manipulation to make impactful+memorable moments during the show. 1 night only.

€800 euro(plus tax)

Plus travel expenses.

Advanced Mapping + Concept Art

Everything from advanced package plus:. 2 expert VJs.

Concept and creation of decorating and stunning.3D object

for mapping at the event. Unique for the event as well as unique content for that object.

€ 2000 (plus tax)

Art or Visual Installation 

This can be any small to massive construction dedicated to creating ambiance or a piece of art within an event or festival. We can create and build our concepts from the ground up with 3D software and real-time Unreal Engine 5 previews.

The price for this type of service varies depending on the necessities and duration of an event. Think like these can be massive statues or constructions with mind-blowing animation shows running 24/7 at an expo or in the middle of a festival to mesmerize the patrons.

Call us for a quote!

Prices depending on your project can vary, so the best is to get our customer service directly by talking to us the creators in a personal and friendly conversation. Please not that prices won't be lower than the lowest package we have, ever. We need to pay our bills just like anyone and we are massively proud of our art and business, and families!


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